another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 22 June 2012

loveless chopper

here's some photo's from back in the day, before choppers went mainstream, from before pipe-wrap became the norm, [when it was still used to promote a scavenging effect for performance], when fat 16 inch wheels still rocked it, when you didn't need any stinking paint, when you used japper brakes on your old four-speed sporty because they worked, when you used a trailer mudguard, a bates headlight and a piece of ally checker plate to blank off the performance machine name from your front 6-pot caliper, back when you didn't need a hand tooled leather seat, [or an overpriced 'original' bates seat], back when you made your own battery carrier, number plate bracket, clip-on handlebars and grips, back in the day when you drilled the fuck out of all the engine mounting plates to lighten them off, back when motorcycles were cut down to make them faster and not a fucking fashion statement.........


  1. Fuck me, that looks like a great bike!!, do you know where it is now?

  2. Oh yeah, and what is that shiny metal disc thing up front, is it per chance an efficient and effective form of stopping?

  3. As Jan said Lovey, good, quality garage built bike, again mate, totally envious of the Loveless Group tech skills.