another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Thursday, 28 June 2012

boxer racer project

what a strange day, two day's annual leave booked off, lie in 'til 0700 hour's, [lazy bastard], i set off with the boy's, humid, short's, vest but i'm not stupid, north face pac-lite around my waist, baseball cap stuffed into my cargo pocket, we are five miles out, the sky darken's, i mean darken's, spooky, it feel's like the end of the world, lightning is flashing all around, deep, deep, rumbling thunder and then?, and then, it start's to rain, and i mean rain, think biblical, think cat's and dog's  think full-bore fire hose wetness, the corn in the field's fold's flat under the onslaught, i'm struggling to even take in oxygen, yep, it's that wet, home, towel the boy's off and they settle down in front of the tumble drier, stretching out in the warm air stream, yawning and sighing, gently stretching and grooming each other, i shower, change into dry clothes and head out to the shed, tea and dark chocolate biscuits, doe's it get any better than this, no work on a thursday, the weekend stretching forth, phone ring's, it's dangerous, 'ey up wanker, what you doing?', 'i'm in the shed youth, day off', 'get the kettle on, i'm on my way...' the next four hour's pass, fettling the racer, swapping jet's, dicking around with the ignition timing, the boxer run's, [rough] the boxer stop's, around 1600hr's i call it, the classic racing motorcycle club have a meeting this weekend, there's a practice day friday, quick phone call, there's places free, i phone lee at the van hire place to see if he's got anything free, yep, book it, pick it up, bike won't even start now, fuck it, too late now, van's loaded, too tired to bother now, sort it out tomorrow, night, night everybody........

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  1. Fantastic mate, at long bloody last !!! Fuck the roughness, sort that trackside, and doesn't it look the absolute fucking nads, totally cool young fella, done yourself fully proud and there's still heaps of racing left in the season. Stoked for you Lovey, have a great time at the track.