another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Thursday, 21 June 2012

boxer racer project

i'm in world of my own, i'm centre drilling, drilling and machining bolt's for andy smith's ex-loveless mz racer, andy want's to run three set's of wheel's, wet's, slick's and inter's and want's all the hardware to mount disc's and sprocket's to save time at the track, paul, the sparky, is tinkering away on the boxer, he doesn't say a lot, he just goes about it, totally immersed in what he's doing, some people are like that, i even have to turn the radio down, usually chugging away in the background, as paul get's distracted by it, he's been to the loveless shed five times, had one cup of tea and we must have spoken twenty word's in total, that's just the way people roll, i'm singing along to the buzzcock's, 'ever fallen in love with someone you shouldn't have fallen in love with' that mark riley is playing and all of a sudden i realise he's talking to me, 'is the bike in neutal?' ' in love withhh, oh, sorry, what?' 'is the machine in neutral?' it takes me a second to compute, 'oh, uhmm, i'll try it', i try and spin the rear wheel, it's locked, i move the gear lever by hand whilst turning the wheel, it slip's into neutral, i'm aware the idiot light's are illuminated, red generator light and red oil light, i get a shiver, fucking hell, frankenstein lives! from that blown up, discarded, sixteen owner, neglected, ride-to-work, abused little boxer, that we started work on back in october last year, from a pile of part's on the shed floor, here was a sign of life, i whipped the plugs out, hold on tight to the front brake lever and paul stab's the starter button, engine turn's over but no spark, paul strokes his four day old grey stubble, 'hum, i've not connected the coil' slip's the connection's on and bang, big, fat , blue spark's from the spark plug's, the h.t. leads dancing across the cylinder's.............


  1. Good news!!, love the rev counter orientation, all you need to know is the red line, ha ha!!

  2. EUREKA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!