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Saturday, 2 June 2012

boxer racer project

i'm fifty-three this coming birthday and you know what? you would have thought i would have sussed it out by now, but no, my beautiful venhill throttle assembly turns out to be, well, let's put it like this, 'dissapointing' just cant get the throttle feeling 'right' i spend most of the day dicking about adjusting the cables, taking up the slack on the adjustment, slackening it off and trying again, it's just not right, the cable is not running right and giving me that 'feel' that i need at the 'bar, it's snagging and the cable is jumping off the bobbin, in desperation i fit a cheapo, domino commando plastic throttle assembly that i had as a spare, rip open the plastic packaging, position it on the clip-on, adjust it up and? perfect, my venhill all singing all dancing item cost four times the amount, the domino? cheap as chips at twelve quid, feel's right, like public enemy said, 'don't believe the hype......'

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