another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 16 June 2012

boxer race project

rain, rain, rain, i don't think the sun will ever shine again, got my #13 on the fairing, roy had printed me four off and i'd wrecked all of them trying to get them on, phoned roy, 'bring it down mate, i'll sort it', 'bluddyfuckinell, no wonder you were struggling!' he end's up warming the background up with a heat gun and cutting some number's in the same font, i feel a bit better, i get home, trim ten inches out of the ken inwood supplied front mudguard, [fender?, who said fender?, wash your mouth out] stick some neoprene in to take up the gap and tie-wrap it to the forkleg's, sorted, will it ever stop raining?......


  1. All these ever so tempting tasty shots of the buzz bomb, the antici . . . pation is killing me Lovey !!! As for folk running amok in fields listening to music and tearing up the countryside, if that were left to continue unchecked the remains of the once extensive Empire may well have been in jeopardy, that's why we the people rely on our caring and benevolent governments and police to make the hard decisions to save us from ourselves, just be thankful they have your welfare at heart mate. Freedom has its price . . . guffaw !!! XX

  2. The stickers on the fork leg look a treat, proper job !!!!!