another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 15 June 2012

spent a great afternoon amongst friend's today, jessie b's birthday, thank's steve marsh, debbie, ben 'fucking' jones, the barseman, [mate, you know...] 'daddy, i want a tattoo for my eighteenth......' she choose's a hiroshi 3 design, never seen ben like this, he almost bail's, so much pressure, he kick's it in the head and smashes a brilliant tattoo into jess's rib's, big -up respect to jess, [love you baby] i'm so proud..... barson, stevie marsh, no word's necessary........


  1. Talk about a rose in amongst a trio of gnarly old thorns !!! You must be absolutely cock a bloody hoop mate, what a star she is, big start for a first Lovey and some seriously decent and totally appropriate art for a pretty young thing. Good on yer dad, you and Mrs B have done well, brilliantly so. Much love and respect. XX

  2. completely and utterly in love with it :) so so pleased! The detail is absolutely insane!
    Thanks Ben :)
    (and daddy.. and uncle steve and barse!)