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Sunday, 6 May 2012

bill lomas

saturday morning and me and dangerous are off down to central wheel's in birmingham to drop off the machined rear hub, i want an akront/morad flanged rim and stainless spokes lacing up to our hub to match the front, quick chat with a couple of lads at the shop, they haven't got my rim in stock, typical, a two week turn-around turn's into a, well, who know's how long job, oh well, it doesn't hold us up, we can run the standard rear configuration for now, we call in at the mcdonalds at basset't pole on the return journey for a caffeine fix and decide to visit sweary mick at hilton on the way back, mick is a real character, ex racer, owner of one of the best collection of classic bikes i've ever seen, vincent black shadow, triumph t150 trident, vellocette variant, triumph bonneviile 'jubilee' special, junkyard-dog 700 royal enfield racer and an aermacchi ala d'oro in a seeley frame, rarer than a very rare thing indeed, we got talking about racing and he mentioned bill lomas, bill was a world champion grand prix rider, he was from milford, the nearest village to me and a proper derbyshire youth, sweary mick dissapeared into his study, a treasure trove of all thing's to do with motorcycles, book's, baseball cap's, model's, magazines, poster's and pictures and handed me a copy of the book, 'bill lomas, world champion road racer' signed by the man himself, i've not put it down since.......


  1. Wow !!! My old man's a dustman, he rides a dustbin bike, he's a bloody legend, I got the book from Mike . . . best I could at short notice mate . . . fantastic stuff, the only V8 scoot that ever made some sense.

  2. I remember the Lomas`s with there bike shop in Milford.. used to walk passed it every day .Such a Legend may have to invest in the book.

  3. hi Sue, yep, i can remember the shop there too, rumour has it that his guzzi v8 racebike was in the back of the workshop, tried to get a glimpse of it but never succesful, dangerous dave bought his first ducati 250cc single racer off bill from his other shop at alfreton, did you know that bill's father used to build bikes at the back of the white hart in duffield?, i'm going to try and track a copy of the book down too, essential read, by the way knock on the shed door if you want to have a look at the race project!