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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

moto paton

right then whitey, this post is for you, [and me, i love the sound of this bike], the 'green mv' at stafford is actually a moto-paton, the moto paton is a very rare beast indeed, only 10 bikes were made by giuseppe patonni who set up manufacturing the simple two valve, parallel twin after mondial pulled the plug on their race shop, the 500cc machine punting out a very healthy 65bhp and with a top speed exceeding 155mph, it's a lovely looking bike with an even  nicer exhaust note, no wonder there's a waiting list for the replica's............

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  1. Lovey me old tart, bloody marvelous !!! Thanks for the informative and exciting insight, full fail on my part . . . it looked so much wider through the motor in the other post I leapt to the now obviously idiotic conclusion it was a triple,[wanker] . . . never even heard of it before, what a treat, and the vid is wild, what a glorious sound, sounds like a bunch of punks clearing their throats simultaneously. 65 at the rear wheel is a fair wack of neddies for a twin as well . . . thanks heaps my Soul Bro, love your work, consider me well and truly ejamacated. XX