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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

boxer racer project

i hate bad service, no need for it, we have a sandwich shop near us at work, there a national brand, everything is too much trouble for them, last week it was a twenty minute wait 'due to health and safety issues, the bread is too hot to cut and the steam could cause an injury' the week before the cheese grater was in the dishwasher, i want a sandwich, i want it fast, that's all they do, make sandwich's, a royal pox on them, i will never step in their emporium again, the english are quick to dismiss bad service, we don't complain enough and we certainly don't give good service a mention, i phoned two supplier's in my dinner break at work yesterday, around 1300hr's, both item's arrived by 1030hr's this morning, big-up's to venhill for the beautiful two-stage throttle assembly and to,uk for the exhaust wrap, nice people to deal with and no rip off post and packing charges, oh yeah, sprayed my header pipes tonight and spent a couple of hour's de-chroming my megga's ready for paint.........

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  1. ....possible solution to the food dilemma Lovey, cover throttle assy in exhaust wrap, baste lightly in Motul, pop in pre heated oven at 180 for thirty minutes, remove, salt and pepper to taste, devour . . . seriously though, slow service at takeaways shits me me to tears mate, especially when you've got thirty minutes for lunch, give the bastards heaps mate !!!