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Friday, 18 May 2012

friday night is funk night

 first girl i ever kissed wasn't the girl next door but the girl across the road, miss jane goodall, she was a couple of year's older than me and had the coolest brother in christendom, scooter riding late mod convert, he had the best record collection ever, desert boot's, fred perry polo shirt's and white levi cordouroy's,  jane was more interested in snogging than listening to the music, i was more interested in listening to the music, she dropped this tune and i had a stirring in the trouser department i had never had before, stop sticking your tongue in my mouth and check this beat out, jane and me rubbed along for a good few year's, she passed her driving test and conveyed us all over northern england to all-nighter's in a bright yellow ford anglia, off her face on brandies and 'pro-plus', i showed her the vinyl i had purchased, she showed me her new boyfriend, we were never boyfriend/girlfriend but had a lot of fun along the way, i used to get people offering me out all the time because they wanted to 'nick my bird' fuck that, i was just a fat kid who liked soul music, real life caught up with us and we lost touch, i got up-dates from her mum and my mum over the year's but we never met again, i visited my ma year's later and she gave me the bad new's, jane had passed away, ladies and gentlemen, the hardest working man in show business, mister james brown..........jane goodall, keep on keepin' on......

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  1. For, got mate . . . funny and very touching Lovey. 'Hearts on Sleeves' M.C, you and me !!!