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Friday, 11 May 2012

friday night is funk night

a cover version of the shuggie otis tune, 'strawberry letter 23' the brothers johnson out of los angeles, california, nailed it to the mast with this song, absolute classic west coast '70's funk, the sort of music that the more 'out there' northern soul dj's started playing, sparking off the whole classic soul vs 'new' funk based, mecca room's style tune's, me? i loved both style's and couldn't see the whole elitist thing within the scene, soul music is soul music right?........[sorry about the old school volume 2 picture but this was the only you tube video i could find without the horrible 'adverts gone in ten second's thing', fuck off, i'm nearly fifty three, i can't waste precious moment's watching advert's, life's too short brothers and sisters]

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