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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

boxer racer project

right, need to get some spark's sorted for the racer, 'wiring man' hasn't trapped for the third week running, no answer to my phone calls, no reply to e-mither's , nothing, just more broken fucking promises, time to move on then, goodbye 'wiring man' hello paul, got a recommendation off-a-mate-of-dangerous's-mate-mick-who-had-a-classic-bike-wired-by-paul, most of the time these rec's are the best, paul turned up on time, took loads of time measuring, metering and making notes, i couldn't pin him down for a price, when the job would be done and we deffo won't be at rockingham on the jubilee bank holiday tuesday for the shake-down run, but, one thing's for sure is that the job will get done, [eventually].........and he reminded me of doc brown from 'back to the future' so you know everything is going to be good.....

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  1. Ah Lovey, seems some projects, despite the very best of planning and intentions, end up falling off the time line, but, you're used to it now and when it's done, it's done . . . I'm sure Doc Brown will lead you through the Valley of Darkness and clear into Sparksville. Jeez I hope I can find some TT action on cable, you'll have to keep me up to date, would love to see Guy, the bloody 'Loon Wolf', actually open the fucking door instead of knocking on it, cheers mate, Whitey.