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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

boxer racer project

 nipped out during my dinner hour to the local hose stockist in town, got a three metre, end of roll, high quality 1/4" fuel delivery hose, seven clamp rings and a 1/4" tee piece for six quid, result, the hose is much better than the green plastic stuff from the local car accessory shop that we all know and love, this stuff won't go brittle like the cheapo stuff and is ethanol proof too, the clamp ring's are much neater than jubilee clip's, you just position the clamp where you want it, square it up and gently clamp the 'ear's' with a pair of side cutter's, you can use a pair of plier's but the side cutter's make a neater job i reckon................

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  1. Strewth Lovey, the pursuit of excellence made manifest . . . meticulous and fastidious in the extreme . . . again !!! New book release, "The Loveless Guide to Engineering".