another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Monday, 21 May 2012

boxer racer project

 left the pipes for a couple of day's for the paint to harden off before handling them, tonight i fitted them, swapped the bolt's that fasten the footpeg hanger's for a couple of 8mm stud's,  [cut the head's off a couple of 50mm set screws instead of  getting the die's out] the bolt's were too long to clear the shaft drive without a lot of fiddling about, if it's a pain when the bikes on the bench then you can double it if you're scratting about on your hands and knees in a paddock somewhere, easy to remove now and locked off with a dab of 240 and a nyloc nut for security, job's a good 'un......


  1. Lovey, unbelievably cool, wicked job mate, be stoked, world class.

  2. You must be nearly there, are you comming out to play at snetterton?
    My k is in bits again, i havnt done a race yet where the clutch didnt give up, dam german car engine!

  3. hi Ben, sorry you're struggling with the k clutch, what's the problem there? i thought they were supposed to be bomb-proof,we won't make snet, hoping to get bike up and running for lydden, got to get a couple of practice day's in to dial everything in, i'm thinking of bolting a numberplate on, getting some tax and running it on the road to get some miles on it......