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Thursday, 17 May 2012

boxer racer project

i had half a tin of 'vht' paint left from the mz race bike, one of my lad's at work picked me up another one from halford's, bloody dear but i just couldn't wait, i wrapped the header's with the the exhaust wrap, fastening the end's with tie-wrap's to hold them in position, [i'll replace the tie-wraps with stainless jubilee clip's once their sprayed] it's not an easy job trying to get everything equal especially while you've got two jack russell's jumping on your knee, job done and a squirt with the 'vht', rattle, rattle, shake, rattle and shake, pppsss, shake, rattle, shhhhhhpppp, shake, ratlle, pppsssssssch, job done, evacuate the shed as the fumes hit, quick shower and shave and back out, time to have a look at the venhill throttle assembly, it won't fit on the clip-on, not a critisicm of the product, the black powdercoating is so thick that it requires a little dressing to get it to fit, i strip the throttle down to component parts and gently relieve the clamp and ring to get a snug fit, that's better, now the throttle tube is too long, i carefully trim it to size with a junior and finish with a file and emery, spit on the renthal grip and slide it home, need to turn a couple of stainless allen's up to finish the job and i'm ready to make up the cables and splitter to connect mr throttle to mr's amal, [36mm smoothbore's to you sonny jim], yes, i know, the domino start / run / stop / kill switch is on the left hand clip on, i can't get it on the right hand one, i've not got enough room, forget that though, check out the rider's view picture, minimalistic or what?..................................

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  1. Bugger it, couldn't wait and glad of it, what a treat lad, remarkable work mate, flash as a rat with a gold tooth, top shelf Lovey !! Let's get a gander at that super lightweight full race hub of yours . . . Deutsches Inferno !!!