another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 4 May 2012

boxer racer project

sardines, in a tin, price of unleaded, roland alphonso, igor stimac, the silversun pick-up's, paint fumes?, they don't effect me horatio nelson, i can breath them in and they don't effect me, hello yoda, what are you doing here in my shed? kill all hippies, support normality, spray that paint, whhoah, i feel strange, must have been that bottle of mineral water, phhhhhhsh, sssspffff, upside down to clear the nozzle, shake, shake, shake, take and bake, sighting coat applied, mr toad......waiting for the paint to dry, i drilled and tapped the engine mounting stud's out to six -mill to mount an engine-oil catch tray under the racer to conform with the latest reg's, but, you know what? the pre 80's classes don't have to run oil containment, excuse me?, aren't they more likely to spill fluid's than '80's machines? go figure.......................................

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  1. Man . . . you're pretty super fly for a white guy, fantastic mate, really the foshizzle ma wizzle Curtizzle !!! He was the man, Move on Up another in my all time top ten. Best description of the sou nds of a spray can ever, glad you're impervious to the fume's effects, Yoda probably helps keep them at bay . . . thanks for the rave on mine mate, will have to hit up some mates, and ex girlfriends for foters, was never a snap man, but I do need to get my shit together and learn to upload them proper like, such a lazy sod !!! Well Lovey, gorgeous, cloud free day on the Goldy, just gone seven a.m, coffeed, fagged and ready to hit the frog and toad, keep on it with the Buzz Box, loving this transformation buddy, a real cool journey into the heart and mind of a looney, perfectionist. XX