another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 27 May 2012


i wasted an hour of my life posting boring pictures of the coil bracket for the boxer racer project tonight, then i deleted them, here's some photo's of ben instead, much more interesting, ben nipped in for a brew, refused my offer of tea made with soya milk, had a glass of pineapple juice and bang, off we go, ben is like a rollercoaster ride,  he spent less than an hour with us and in that time we discussed my daughter jess's tattoo, ben's 'interesting' sphincter control, [or lack of it, serves you right for riding a hardly dangerous], customer's pissing themselves, fart's, the boxer race project and numerous other things, check out ben's ride, who but ben would go to racefit, the purveyors of exhaust pipes to every wannabe bsb road going sport bike rider and have a set made up in titanium for a fucking ditch-pump harley? 'los bastardos de la muerte? the bastards of death, i was having a legendary friday afternoon tattoo session, four, maybe five hours in, i'm nearly fainting, ben's hammering my rib's with the old j.b. [so offensive i can't tell you what that mean's, every tattoo artist is now pissing themseves or recoiling in horror, don't blame me, i didn't invent it], 'extremely fucking loud pipes' brilliant, anti-social, anti-fashion, anti everything, ladies and gentlemen, ben jones..............[roadhouse tattoo, derby, yes it hurt's, no, you can't wash it off]..............................


  1. Hello Tim
    I think that this post is probably the best post ever posted.
    What a great looking bike, in fact, the best I have ever seen. And I can only imagine how handsome that masked molester looks under his disguise. The only sound louder than his pipes is that of knicker elastic worldwide snapping with every step he treads, bringing vengeance to the bad, and love to the laydeez.
    Nice seeing you today mate, just the tonic I needed, left in a better mood than I arrived, then fell asleep on the pavement in Matlock.
    lots of love
    Ben, for, and on behalf of the Masked Molester.

  2. You guys are funny old chaps, yes mate, a couple of really great posts, love it when you get all sensitive and new age on us.Those Titty pipes are the bomb, I'm still toying with the idea for the sporty rather than stainless, just love the way they blue off and the sound, oh the sound !!! You have good mates Lovey, that's a beautiful thang. Now, get that coil bracket posted so we can rip the shit out of its ordinariness . . . te he he !! XX

  3. What a smoker !!!! :-p

  4. Ben Jones; Purveyor of dodgy leather and piss pot lids, grand architect to a piece of titanium tubing masquerading as an exhaust, wannabe fireman and all round ASBO warranting noisy bastard.

    Long may it continue.

    Gay GSXR Boy

  5. welcome to the madness that is the loveless blog mr gay, ah yes, mr jones? what can we say regarding the masked molester, 'the world's most handsome man' some say, who know's?, he is like the 'scarlet pimpernel', a shadowy figure, dressed all in black, prowling the streets of our fair city looking to wreak havoc on the flesh of individuals who offer their skin to be inscribed with 'la marca del diablo', yes, the mark of the devil..........and yep, those pipes are fucking LOUD!