another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 14 April 2012

 i think the hardest thing for me is that i trusted a friend and they have let me down, i only want honesty, i'm a honest person myself, all i ask is to be told the truth, my engine was at the tuner's before christmas, 'yes mate, you'll have it back for the new year, no problem', 'yes mate, you'll deffo have your engine back before the test day in march', 'i've got the rabbit by the ear's mate, 'im just trying to pull it out of the hat, you'll be at mallory on sunday mate, no problem' i'm not going to be at mallory tomorrow, that's a fact, well, i will be at mallory, just not racing, i booked a week's annual leave, precious time-off, prepared to spend the week getting the bike ready, and, well, it's all just pie in the sky, i went up to see him yesterday, caught him off guard, 'right mate, let's have a look, where's my bit's, let's have a look where we stand', 'everything's at home, it's the only way i can get it done', i look him in the eye's, he's lying, 'i'll get it done for monday mate, no worries' too late, the racing start's tomorrow, monday's no good, what really bother's me is that someone i trusted has let me down, badly, i can't forgive him for that, i've paid a grand up front and all i have to show for it is two tyres and a front wheel, monday might prove 'interesting'...............


  1. Oh Lovey, my heart literally bleeds for you mate, what a stone bummer, exacerbated and made only exponentially more painful by it being a 'mate' . . . if it were just some faceless shop expert it'd be different, you spew vitriol and disdain, walk away and it's done and dusted, but a mate, it hurts so badly, let down by someone you love and trust, a friendship shot to hell for all intents, never to be the same, the worst part is they've had a lend, taken trust and mateship so fucking casually, never contemplating how much the act of taking on the job in the first place entails. Try and keep the chin up old bean, it's a lovely rolling frame . . . maybe just throw a leg over, hands on clip ons, chin on tank, tongue between lips, blow hard, make the noises and imagine . . . or maybe just grab a six pack, put on "Stay Young" and ruminate some more. Thinkin of you brother, Whitey. XX

  2. well Tim he is hardly a mate now after fucking you over so its open season on him , but if you put the squeeze on him to get it finished he will rush it and not take the care it needs ,so you will have to hold back on the final payment until after the first race to be sure all is well with the engine,put the ball on the other foot for a while !