another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Monday, 16 April 2012

sitting in the shed tonight trying not to ponder too much the missing engine saga, i idly picked up the rear hub i purchased last week, hmm, it's a heavy old thing for sure, get the scales out, 3.6kg, i'm sure i can lose some important unsprung weight from the casting without compromising the strength, i study the casting, select a 1/4" drill bit and get medieval on it....................


  1. What's the latest on "engine gate"?

  2. Don't forget the post relief weight shot Lovey, gonna look the foshizzle fosho !!! I'll take a punt on around the even 3kg or maybe just under . . . come on, get it on youth. XX

  3. Hi Tim
    Any news about the Engine? need some one else to sort it for you? hope your ok, :)
    Sue x