another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 7 April 2012

saturday night in the loveless household and it's getting a little fraught, me and the boy jack are back from football, the mighty ram's hosting ipswich town, neither side has anything to play for but saying that, it's an entertaining game of football, definetely end-of season stuff, both teams huffing and puffing, playing for contracts and the no-score draw is, in the end, a fair result, i take the dog's for their second walk of the day, quick shower and the rest of the family settle down to watch 'the voice' and 'britain's got talent', i hate this shit, puerile and shallow, i'm chipping in with my scathing comment's from behind my computer as i up-load some of the thousand's of  brilliant track's that i lost last weekend, mr's b keep's pausing the drivel as i get more vocal in my derision, i'm sorry but this isn't entertainment, it's cruel, peoples hopes of fame and fortune smashed in the name of viewing figures by a bunch of tosser's who wouldn't know real talent if it walked up and kicked them in the gonad's, check out some proper music, dub, bluebeat, northern soul and a classic punk track, simon cowell, alesha dixon, jessie j and the twat out of 'the script' can just fuck right off..............


  1. Fantastic Lovey, a complete compression lesson in the sounds or the Carrib, 'lovely' stuff to be sure, thanks awfully old chap . . . the sad malaise of that entire genre of 'reality' non talent shows, utterly fucking depressing in every way, seems that old Mr Warhol's comment re twenty minutes of fame has been taken as a birthright by many of the would-be's of today, no bloody wonder the amount of vaccuous drivel being churned out is at a high water mark !!! No concept of what constitutes legit quality or sense of history in bugger all these days old cock, the youth are drowning in an ocean of shite a nd the daft gits don't even realise it . . . loved the Jesus shots mate, super kit !! Great header fote on the racer and on the pin, get it on youth . . . Happy Easter my friend, much love mate, Whitey. XX

  2. What's bluebeat? You forgot to mention all their heart warming back stories of triumph over adversity, "cry you fecking feckless feckers cry!"

  3. Sounds just like my house on a Saturday.utter crap tv