another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Monday, 9 April 2012

i woke up early sunday morning and i knew i was going to be ill, between 0130 hrs and 0930 hrs i was up every hour, on the hour, talking to god on the great white telephone, long time since i've been this bad, mr's b brings me a cup of tea up to bed, i can't face it, i shower and spend the rest of the day napping on the sofa, the dog's sense i'm not well and cuddle up with me, the boy jack approaches to fuss them and they see him off, they know i'm at a low ebb and are just doing the pack thing and protecting me, i sip a glass of water all day, that's it, my body is shagged, mr's b and the girl jessica walk the dogs and i settle down to watch the moto gp on the box, i'm not really into the gp's since the sad demise of the two-strokes and all this traction control bollock's, my first love is classic racing, followed by real roadracing, the british superbikes are good too, but, i must admit, i was looking forward to the new moto 3 class, four-cylinder 250cc four-strokes as a replacement for the one-two-fives, i wasn't dissapointed, the machines are gorgeous, the racing tight and as for the sound? 'like a squadron of spitfires' as julian ryder said.......


  1. Get well you silly old bugger !! Maaaate, the Gulf jigger is one of the pertiest bikes I've ever seen, wow !!! What is it with that colour scheme ?? Would love to read a boffin's report on why it works so well and has remained such a timeless combo aesthetically. I'm with you mate, as much as I love my four banger road bikes and the classics et al, the modern GP caper is mostly dull as piss, mind you, it gave me great satisfaction when Casey won the title on the Duke, a bike which Valli clearly could never quite master . . . having known Mick Doohan and his brothers for some thirty years, it was always a thrill watching the old school crew wrestle those ugly, killer, brutal two strokes around the circuits back in the day, real balls to the wall racing, no parachutes, no double secret safety pants, you could either do it or it was off to join Foggy and the lads on the Supers . . . remember Max proclaiming if he hadn't won the 500 title in two seasons he'd give the game away ??? Wanker !!! Anyway you old reprobate, get you're shit sorted, get that bloody mystery motor into your cobweb covered frame and watch out for the long arm of the law . . . . ha ha ha !!! XX

  2. Still prefer a swarm of angry bees to a squadron of spitfires. Hope you are feeling better soon