another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Thursday, 19 April 2012

car park? no, spectator's bikes parked up for the bhr meeting at mallory, that's it, i promise, no more post's about the bhr/mallory meeting, really, you should have been there, it's the coolest of cool places to be, forget trying to live life like you see it in 'dice' [don't get me wrong, i love dice and i've been there since day one, what makes me laugh is the 'scenester's' who have jumped on the bandwagon, twenty four, shaggy beard, searching out original 'selvedge', fuck-off, it;s a pair of old jean's for fuck's sake, forget shovelheads and pan's, old beezer's and bonny's, you wouldn't have a clue how to start them, sit back, observe and wait for the next 'trend' to come along, hey, who know's, what goes around comes around, 'vinyl' might be the new 'bates' sorry but i'm off on one, i really don't know where this anger comes from sometimes, i need to have a chat with myself] instead, get yourself down to a classic bike race meeting, all life is here.........


  1. Go and see Mr Jones and get some ink!

  2. Well said angry pants, there's got to be a 'one stop super store' somewhere . . . at a huge mall, where a young hipster can go and selvedge themselves silly, pick up the 'period correct' scoot, get instant follicular stimulation on the old whiskers then go home satisfied and content in the knowledge they are good to go, wherever the fuck that might be !!!! Have a good weekend Lovey, grrrrr, Whitey, XX

  3. Don't forget those glasses. ;-)