another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

been hacked again, malicous virus attached to a mate's contact's list, what do these tosser's get out of it? all my photo's and my i-tunes library gone..............................


  1. Maaate, so sorry to see I'm comin back to this kind of shit, I don't understand it but am just glad I don't have any of the things that can be ripped that way . . . hope you get it resolved Lovey . . . great Zappa turnout that, very appropriate to the scumbag hacker crew !!!! XX

  2. Oh bugger not again mate. Have you considered buying some online storage? Someone like gives you umlimited back up ( which at the moment seems to mean around 2TB) for £25 a year. Hope you can recover some of your stuff. Now Im off to update my online safety package (AVG, Ad-aware,spybot SD and malwarebytes) I may be gone sometime. Oh and if it happens to you again, god forbid, give me or Gresh a buzz before you use the restore disc and wipe everything.