another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

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immaculately prepared scooter racer i spotted in the paddock on sunday, water-cooled, twin radiator's, massive carb, aluminium seat subframe, honda rs125 race seat, [same item i had on the mz racer], the expansion chamber was a work of art, not blown like a lot of scooter exhausts, but made up of individual sections tigged together like a moto gp bike, carbon fibre parts, [check out the rear brake lever and the foot-boards and leg-shields], the water pump bracket, rearset's and exhaust bracket stand out a mile, very nice bike, good work fella.............


  1. Farrrrk !!! Twisted but totally wicked mate, the scooter racing caper always wigged me out, what with those iddy biddy bags and zany, too fast minimotors . . . brave lads, or the other thing. C'mon Lovey, where's the shot of the finished hub and the weight ???

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