another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 18 March 2012

 if you had told me on xmas eve, as me and dangerous sat swigging cobra's in the shed, that we wouldn't have been at the british historic racing practice day on the 22nd of march in the year of our lord two thousand and twelve. i would have told you of my intention to expose my nether regions on ripley market place, we were well ahead of the game, smug as a very smug, smug thing, what the fuck?, where has it all gone wrong, i've been a good boy, most night's after my shift i've been in the shed, machining, cleaning, fabbing part's and yet, here we are, four day's until practice and no engine, i'm sitting in the shed, looking at the big hole where the engine should be, it's still in a hundred part's, scattered across derbyshire and nottinghamshire, oh well, only one thing to do, crack open a bottle of shiraz and get some wham on the cassette deck, 'everything she want's' tune, i'm dancing in my pant's me.........


  1. Tidy lookin '76 ish Bonnie old love, please refer to my response to your comment at my place mate. X

  2. Hi Tim,

    Well just sorting everything out for the weekend, thanks for all your help. The BM is Bloody Lovely!! If you decide Classic Racing is not for you, would love to add it to my Loveless Engineering Collection ;-)
    Good luck once you get on track. will text you Saturday after 1st race.... bricking myself!!


  3. cheer's andy, best of luck for the weekend, remember, just go out and enjoy it, first objective is to finish, you'll be ok mate!