another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Thursday, 1 March 2012

 well, that's three night's work down the pan, first we discover the brake caliper's are leaking when we tried to bleed them up, got the repair kit and fitted them last night and tonight? the brakes just won't bleed up, it's more than just air in the lines, there doesn't seem to be enough pressure created at the master cylinder, i swap the brembo item for the original bmw item, better, at least we get a lever,but, nowhere near enough feel at the lever, i re-fit the brembo item, nothing, the brembo was originally fitted to a bike with a six-pot caliper biting a single disc, surely the ratio between the six-pot and the dinosaur, old twin-pot, two calipers of the boxer should be enough to work?, apparently not it would seem, just to add a bit of comedy to the disappointment, the brembo master cylinder decides to throw in the towel and starts to piss brake fluid, deep joy, i remove the lovely looking little, [but frankly useless] brembo and root through one of my spares boxes under the bench, we can't run remote reservoir master cylinders in the british historic racing bear's series so are stuck with using an older integral type item, ahha, a buell master cylinder, it's not japanese so is eligible, it's made for 7/8th bars so will fit and it's angled so will sit tidily on the right hand clip-on, it's fugly as hell but until i try it tomorrow night to see if it work's ok i'm not prepared to waste another night tarting the bloody thing up, stay tuned race fans........

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  1. Jap master cylinders ARE eligable for BEARS
    They were eligable, then they wernt, now they are again...for now.
    see link below.

    Your bike looks fantastic by the way.