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Saturday, 31 March 2012

i reckon this may well be the first reggae tune i've featured on the 'vinyl vault' that's amazing really when i think about the influence it's had on my musical education, from the prince buster and roland alphonso of my youth club days, the older skinhead's had moved on, no more football for them, mortgage's, kid's and d.i.y beckoned, no more bank holiday's in skegness, the skin's had evolved into the suedeheads, hair a little longer and well groomed, prince of wale's check trouser's, round collar ben shermans, 'tank top's' red sock's and tonic suits, brogues, penny loafer's and sheepskin coat's, we were taking our style cue's from our west indian 'rude-boy' contemporaries, the suedheads, a distant relative of the mod's embraced the rare soul scene that eventually grew into the northern soul scene, this changed again when punk rock kicked everyone on the bollock's and changed the music scene forever, the early punk gig's didn't have enough music for the dj to play before the band came on stage and so padded out their set's with jamaican reggae and ska, so forging a link that even the mighty robert marley acknowledged with the 'punky reggae party' seven-inch release, this is a mighty, mighty tune from back in the day, junior murvin's 'police and thieves', famously covered by the clash, this is a tune that summed up britain in the mid 1970's, [click last photo to play the song....]

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