another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 4 February 2012

my race number, #51 is gone, it's not available as another racer in the british historic series has it, i phoned the lovely lady pauline at the race entry office and asked what number's are available, 'nothing between one and ninety nine lovey', 'what about one-five-one?', 'sorry lovey, it's already gone', have you got anything at all with just two number's pauline?' 'no lovey, except number thirteen and nobody want's that do they?' and that my lovelies is how i ended up with the brilliant number thirteen, unlucky for some they say, down to roy's for some number's, he comes up with the brilliant idea of just making a white background, cutting out the number's so the carbon background comes through, a brilliant little touch, thank's roy, thank's pauline, goodbye #51, hello #13...........


  1. Well scored mate . . swimming against the tide as usual eh . . . hang onto Roy, worth his weight in carbon fibre, looks fully trick, very race indeed mate, that said Tim, if you guys continue to receive all that cold weather, you might be needing to fit some ice racing bags, the white stuf sure do look all perty but I can almost feel the onset of frostbite from the sunny [at fucking last !!] Gold Coast . . brrrr

  2. My race number too. I don't believe is luck, black cats, magpies, Harry Potter, elves or witchcraft. It's just a number. G