another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 26 February 2012

 lovely little single cylinder wide case ducati spotted in the entrance hall of the auction room at race retro, anyone know what the tank is? dangerous is a font of all knowledge when it comes to the ducati meccanica racing singles having made a good fist of racing one to a very high standard in the early sixties and he had never seen this before, what's more exciting is that everyones favourite dress wearing, sheep-bothering and bearded welshman, the former #42 now #24, top mz racer, [this next bit to be shouted like that american bloke who announces the boxers at the big fights], 'misssssttter desssssssss daviesssssssssssss' has actually bought one and it's currently residing under a blanket in his shed, a quick phone call from des and it's booked in for the loveless 'treatment', des being des then say's, 'when you've done it you can get dangerous to parade it or you can race it if you want boyo....'

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  1. Well, well, well, haven't you been the busy lad then Lovey ??? #13 is coming up a treat mate, svelte and business like, as for the curious tank on the little wide case, they weren't put to the test by the factory in a big way at the time so, as you've already discerned, it's clearly not Duke but possibly some hand fabbed jigger from the early days of the classic racing scene in the U.K . . . ?? Either way Timmy, one gorgeous interrpretation of one of the prettiest bikes ever produced.
    At least you gents had some cool shit to cast your beedie eyes on for your cash, had a 'show' on the Goldy a week ago, twenty clams for the pleasure of entry to then wander about surrounded by H.O.G members and other assorted tossers perving on a room full of nothing but the same bog stock, factory fare you could see for nada at the local dealer . . . WTF ??? Suffice to say that nasty old Whitey spent the day in the saddle getting sunburnt and drenched in alternating spurts . . The bloody miniature models are fucking amazing !!! Donald Pleasance couldn't have done a better job in 'The Great Escape', not unlike his character, wonder if the eyes behind the hands behind the wares has succumbed to total myopia by now ??? Enjoy the beginning of the thaw Lovey and charge on with the Spinning Propellor . . . cheers mate, Whitey.