another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

 kenny cummings and dan rose's seeley norton, see more at, built in america using english components, commando engine from steve maney, rammed into a minnovation replica seeley frame, a healthy portion of superneato engineering and a sprinkling of lovely details results in a perfectly baked norton..... [i sold mine to have some fitted wardrobes built, it was either get rid of the bike or mrs b was off, just because we had moved house and we had nowhere to hang any clothes up, women, no sense of priority if you ask me.....]

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  1. How do me old love, hope you're managing to rid the computer of cyber-syphillis, I suppose you're going to suggest you picked it up from a toilet seat . . . funny you mentioned the missus and Hot Wheels, on my honeymoon my ex and I went to the west coast of the States, over the course of two weeks I dragged her into just about every Toys r Us in L.A, San Fran, San Diego and Vegas, got some great stuff, even some Johnny Lightning boxed sets in Barstow, but I suspect it may have been the beginning of the end, poor dear, coped well at the time but, oh well, I'd always thought becoming a barrister shot holes in her sense of humour. the Seeley chap was a bloody genius, never really got the credit he deserves either for mine, quite the nice example you've featured mate. My old business partner has one of the last long stroke Manx's and a very tidy G45, what I would'nt give for a short stroke 500 mate, fucking brilliant bit of kit, the shots you put up had me soiling myself ! Sounds and looks bloody bleak oop there in your neck of the snowy woods lad, cancelling a footy match must be fairly extraordinary, ferk, that's cold !! I'm getting soaked to the skin with yet another tropical downpour summer season on the beautiful Gold Coast, great weather for ducks. I'm off to do a bit deconstruction on the recently acquired '74 FXE matey, stay warm, keep number 13 moving along and stay out of toy shops, cheers me old tart.