another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 17 February 2012

 what can i say about the u.k.sub's? so many memories, the rex cinema, gig's on london road, the scala, derby playhouse, the vic, me, barse, chris w, dommo, the yorkshire boy's, jeanette, des reddy and julie, derby punk's, skin's, and hooligan's, steve 'skelly' cut-down scooter-boy, left-wing anti- everything anarchist bastard's, animal right's, soap dodging traveller's  rave culture, 'love you mate' 'e' taking sub-culture's, i reckon i've seen this band in all of it's different guises, at least a hundred times through the year's, but, you know what?, punk's not dead and if a set of lyric's were more relevant today than then? well, make your own mind up with what's happening in the world today..........[click last photo to hear the song.....]

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  1. Argh, Lovey, you,ve done gone and done it again, as much as I can ascertain, not at any point was your youth wasted, talk about making the most of it !! Yes mate, the Subs, one of my faves from the times and the genre, not to mention Mr Scott-Heron, a bloke so far ahead of his day and deserving of so much more broad spectrum acknowledgment . . . Jesus lad, why the fuck would a Northern Soul Boy ever want to move to London when it was all going on your own paddock !!! The bimmer is rather delightful too mate, love the way the jigger still bares a decided resemblence to its roadgoing relative, great shit Lovey, eh oop !!!