another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

caliper repair kits ordered, [from a very rude man with no idea of customer service at all, 'can i place an order please', 'yes, what part numbers do you want', 'sorry, i have no idea, i want two caliper repair kit's for an r65' 'ok, but this is the last time you can order without the part numbers', 'tell you what mate, leave it, i'll go elsewhere' 'no need to be like that sir', what a tosser, anyway, home and calipers stripped, old seals out, pistons cleaned up and waiting for the new seal's, steve mqueen was right, 'everything else is just waiting'


  1. What a fucking dick !!!! The fine art of modern day non service Lovey, sadly a global, all pervading malaise, shits me to tears and like your own sweet, demure, unflappable self, I'll not cop it at all . . . McQueen was right about everything . . . now, be off with you and finish this bloody saga !!! XX

  2. Name and shame... people like this don't deserve our hard earned money.

  3. really disappointed with the attitude of this independent bmw supplier, i have used him before when i was building the bmw boxer cafe racer, but, i suppose it was over twenty years ago, pre-internet day's and when you had no choice but to phone through your requirements, i can remember the 'old school' bike shop's, the men who worked the part's counter were a font of knowledge about what fitted what and could decipher even the vaguest request for 'one of those thingies that bolts to the wotsit under that bit', sadly they have disappeared as the world now use's the web to shop for spares more the pity, i had already placed an order some time before christmas and the young man i dealt with couldn't have been more helpful, his boss should take a leaf out of his customer service book that's for sure, when i asked who i was speaking too he told me with indignation, 'i'm james sherlock, i'm the boss, no one else would have been able to take your order without the part numbers', mr sherlock, give your staff some credit and get your head out of your arse, i'll be using motobins next time mate......