another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Thursday, 26 January 2012

i used to love 'blue peter' when i was a kid, the presenters back then were valerie singleton, peter purvis and of course, my favourite, john noakes, i will never, ever forget the programme where they had a baby elephant lulu in the studio and it proceeded to run amok, shitting all over the floor whilst noaksy and the elephant keeper tried to restrain it, eventually slipping in the elephas maximus poo-pile and it dragging him through it, fucking hilarious! tonight, i feel like poor old john noakes, i'm in the shed almost everyday, putting up with dangerous and his mad-man ranting's, striving to build the racer for the new season, just like 'blue peter' really, cardboard cut-outs, sticky back plastic and sellotape, old washing-up squeezy bottles and pieces of string, the item at the top of the picture is the carefully milled brake lever, the item at the bottom of the photo is what it looked like, roughed out and ready for machining, the finished item at the top is scrap, i miscalculated the mounting hole and it's too long and fouls the socket head screws holding the footpeg mounting to the frame, that throw's the 'pull' ratio out and the brake will be ineffective, so, the elephant dumped on me tonight big-time, like valerie used to say, 'get an adult to help you......'


  1. But mate, what a beautiful piece of scrap it is !! Onward ho Mr Loveless . . rememeber, there are those who will always, in reverential tones . . . . Tim. Be thankful it's not an elephant.

    1. Cocked that one up mate, your old English teacher would cringe !!! Meant to say 'there are those will always, in reverential tones, call you . . . ', anyway, it's gone now. Ey up lad !!!

  2. And that Tim is why i am no longer toolmaking 4 days work fucked up by putting the wrong number into a cnc machine and a bollicking of the boss a little man with a beard !!!