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Friday, 27 January 2012

 like i said before, mid to late 'seventy's saw young loveless caught between the sweet soul music and the punk and new wave camp's, one thing that was the same was searching out elitist vinyl releases, either northern soul rareities, white label dub platter's or home brewed, limited edition punk, i was an avid collector of the stiff record label's releases, this one from 1978 is from the lovely jane aire and the belvederes, [the backing band who featured amongst other's jon moss who later went on to become boy george's crush and member of culture club] there was a whole vibe at the time about the american city of akron, the rubber capital of the world, and stiff famously released a 'scratch and sniff' compilation album at the time featuring artists from ohio and smelling, not suprisingly of tyres, don't know about that but, i do know, it's a great record, i haven't played this for twenty year's but, it's.........fucking great!

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  1. Great post mate, the Blue Peter shots looked the full kak. Why am I not surprised by your Stiff fetish . . released some truly out there kit, no fear of industry protocols. Stoked you got the jollies on for Miss Hynde et al, she's one hell of a girl, check out her live version of 'The Needle and the Damage Done', fucking brilliant !! You Northern Soul boys always had a unique groove goin on, Oh Gino, gotta go now love, keep it comin !!!