another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

have you seen the price of non-ferrous stock? dural, phosphour bronze, stainless, scandolous, i spent thirty quid at newark for a small amount, i usually go to the local non-ferrous scrap dealer and hunt around his yard for stock, he mainly deals with off-cut's and profiles from engineering work's so the stuff is good quality and you only pay scrap value for it after he's weighed it and checked the day's metal prices, so, with that in mind i've decided to save money, save stock and save the planet and use a nice organic material instead, yep, wood................... no i'm only kidding, when making rearsets or mounting brackets we always use a cardboard pattern to get the rough shape and then transfer that to the stock to make the part, in this case i wasn't sure where my rearset footpegs would fall so i chopped a couple of lumps of ply out, drilled the mounting centres and with an assortment of washers spaced them off the frame, i sat on the bike and held my feet roughly in position, dangerous marked it and i drilled them to mount a set of pegs to get the 'feel' right, after a bit of experimenting with the span from the mounting points on the frame and trying to find the correct height i found the most comfortable position for myself, another half-hour with a sharpie and we have the pattern for the mounting plates and it's time to transfer it to the 8mm dural.

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  1. That cut out in the centre is prime position for a bottle opener...... just sayin.