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Saturday, 7 January 2012

 football. f.a. cup third round day, for me the most important date in the football calender, [apart from when we play the red dog filth], for as long as i can remember i've loved this day, i think of the glory tie's we have had in the past and rather forget embarrassing exits to lower league opposition that we have had to endure, that's the beauty of 'the cup', the 'giant's' can get stuffed by a bunch of lower league, or, god forbid, non-league opposition, today our opponent's were fellow championship side crystal palace, on a freezing cold east midland day we beat them one-nil, not the stuff of back page headlines but, you can only beat what's in front of you, we were the better team and deserved it, the cup has slowly been eroded by the bigger club's fielding reserve sides or in manchester united's total lack of respect, dropping out of the competition all together a couple of years ago, how dare they? the arrogant bastard's, the minnows of football have the right to cup glory as much as the big clubs who have their sights set on european success, big-up's to the supporters of unfashionable club's, the lad's who follow their team's week in and week out, it's not always pleasant, [i'm a derby supporter so know all about that, worst team in premiership history for one.......] but the cup? i'll be there tomorrow watching the draw, we are number eighteen, 'please god, i've been a good lad, can we get ................'

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