another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Thursday, 19 January 2012

every now and again you stumble on a site that literally takes your breath away, ben kingham and his dad tim's website is one of them, this is the story of two totally dedicated men who build and race the best looking vincent twin's you have ever seen, i have corresponded with ben a few times through the british historic racing site and he was kind enough to comment on the loveless blog and post us up a link, the egli machine is a real beauty, not some molly-coddled entry in a classic bike concourse competition where old duffer's will mark it down for having the wrong diameter 2ba washer behind the nut that holds the horn on, but, a full-on racing bike being used in anger on the track, just check out the site for the full skinny and be sure to have a look at the picture gallery and video's for maximum [or click the link in my blog list in the right column]

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