another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 15 January 2012

 sunday see's a session in the shed, slurping tea, sucking teeth, shouting, smoothing and setting -up the 'set's, sorting set screws, [bloody hell my old english teacher would be turning in her grave, 'loveless, i never thought you would have got the hang of alliteration , the repetition of a particular sound in the first syllables of a series of word's or phrases, well done, now stop picking your nose and wiping it on the desk you horrible child' the 'peg's are spares that we made for the mz racer, why re-invent the wheel, they are light, easy to make and cheap, the black nylon 'crash' bobbin's are off the shelf items from racing lines in derby, fifty pence a throw, not the finished item yet, but we are getting there,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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  1. . . . ah, the ghosts of teachers past, I know just what you mean mate, got seriously stuck into some superbly scintillating syllabic similarities several sessions ago on my blog, only it was all in vain as I poorly percieved the posts primary, principal picture and had to print a post posting apology . . seriously though, love your work, well written, highly entertaining and your damnably delightful dexterity with things engineering and mechanical is fully fucking first rate. Good luck with the current obsession, look forward to seeing the finished result, cheers, WhitelinePsycho.