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Saturday, 31 December 2011

 played west ham united today, we were at home against one of the top teams, thirteen minutes into the game and we are two up, they get a goal back just before half time and the next forty five is a war of attrition as we stick ten men behind the ball and they try and break us down, not to be on this occasion and big sam will be choking on his port and lemon at a point lost, got talking to some old boy's, [like me] at the game, to tell you the truth i've always had a bit of a soft spot for the 'ammer's, they play some nice football and have brought on some great talent through the academy, we drift down memory lane and one that sticks out in my brain is a wednesday night game, [remember them, no fucking sky tv then], they bought around two hundred fans up and they battered the derby hooligan element all over town, [myself included, i was out for revenge for a right royal pasting that i received at the boleyn ground, yes the boleyn ground not upton fucking park, that's the station nearby] they ran us all over town and we all fucked off home, imagine my suprise when i read the derby evening telegraph the next night, not content with scaring the shit out of the derby faithful, they had only gone down to the fair on bass's rec and battered the fairground workers, anyway, i digress, got home and knocked out the cap for the top yoke mounting bracket, the mounting rods and cut the oem tacho into the fairing complete with that cheeky racer style red-line at twelve o' clock, happy new year everybody, i'm forever blowing bubbles.............................................................................

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  1. If I have to pledge allegiance to a footy team its the Hammers ( nearest "proper" team to where I was drug up). Still think we have the best ever song

    I'm forever blowing bubbles,
    Pretty bubbles in the air,
    They fly so high,
    Nearly reach the sky,
    Then like my dreams,
    They fade and die

    Yup that just about sums up following the Hammers!