another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Monday, 26 December 2011

sometimes it makes me wonder, got this photo sent to me today by e-mither, i can't even remember it but i think it may have been at cadwell park, the guy holding up the mz is deffo des #42 davies, the bald bloke on the left is deffo me, but why the fuck do i look like i'm blowing up my life jacket like one of those dodgy 'safety' demonstrations on a plane?  'there is a whistle and a torch in the pocket to draw attention....'


  1. Des #42! Nah can't be, i'm, errr i mean he's far younger and much prettier than the old git in the picture with you ;) What are you up to? i reckon....we've just had your bike and kit scruted and you're tucking your dogtag back in maybe !?

  2. des, i reckon you are right there, never thought of the dogtag shuffle! will you be digging the ducati out and having a bash with the b.h.r? [be good to catch up mate]