another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Monday, 5 December 2011

fasteners, or nuts and bolts, i love them, think how many are holding your bike together and how important they are, common sense that you should take a little care when choosing them, what application they are being used in and for me, that little extra finishing that shows you care about the details, i had a job in today at work where a really expensive pump was fastened to a pallet by eight stainless ten millimetre bolts, i spotted them a mile off, like a magpie, drawn to shiny things, i unbolted the work from the pallet and instead of discarding the unwanted bolts and just chucking them in the bin i dropped them in my overall pocket for later..........., just the job for the shock mounting fasteners, the shank on the bolt was too long so i cut them to length and died them down to the correct length, i dropped them in the lathe and cleaned off the a2 stainless designation, the tensile strength and manufacturing markings and them dished them for weight reduction and look's, don't know if i mentioned it but i'm tight me.........


  1. You make tight look like a million bucks

  2. thank's for that mate, but really it's all just smoke and mirror's, if people are looking at my bike they might not realise how slow i'm going!