another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 6 November 2011

there's nothing more boring than somebody else's holiday photo's, but, i really don't care, this is me and mine, precious moment's, time spent together and laugh out loud moment's, from the hot-rod's of 'old town' to daytona beach a couple of day's after 'octoberfest', [i deliberately gave it a wide berth, didn't want to do the 'bro' thing], i didn't see one bike worth a photo, that's not good, typical factory bikes, no soul, no input, just stock harley's, what's a matter with you?, get your finger out and get building, raw big twin's can be picked up for a song and as for the 'ladies favourite' sporties?, dirt cheap, all it need's is a little poking with a stick, get a grip america, i love you but the majority of your bikes are stock, boring, out of the showroom, drop the bolt-on shop shit and get to work you lazy bastard's! on the other hand, we met some great people, [apart from the nob-head at a 'subway' who thought it was ok to give mr's b and jess some attitude, he had to receive a straightner, happy halloween motherfucker] v8's, universal studio's halloween horror night's, la costena nachos de chiles jalepeno's, farmer billy's choco - bacon bar's, watching the tiger's at busch gardens, chasing jessica around the villa, tracking hurricane rena on 'new's on the one's', air hockey, crazy golf, chilling around the [unheated] pool, reading book's, listening to music, oh yeah, drinking beer from a paper bag at the airport after we dropped the suburban off at the alamo car hire desk, no way i'm giving you yank's any beer for free, we alway's end up giving a load of left-over 'bud's away, not this time, we sat around drinking with an s.a.s soldier from hereford, just like a bunch of hobo's........that's it then, holiday over, back to work tomorrow, up at 5am, got to get cracking on the beemer after my shift..........welcome home i suppose.

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  1. Good to have you back, looks like you had a good time in the U.S of A!