another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

 i'm out of here for a couple of week's, off to america for a holiday, worked my arse off for the last year and need a break with the family, not all the family though, my boy's are in the kennel's, i watched 'shawshank redemption' with them last night and they still didn't get the telegraph, early morning, [very early morning shift],get home and we go out for a big walk, i'm telling them i'm sorry for leaving them, they know something's different, they are picking up on the vibe, it feel's like a kiss from judas as i drive them to the kennel's, they think their going for a walk around casington reservoir, i feel like a total bastard.......


  1. Hey lad enjoy your holidays and take it easy on that pissy beer,,,

  2. Enjoy yourself fella. Come back refreshed and ready to mill more Bavarian alli