another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Monday, 3 October 2011

 monday night and the boxer racer project continues, i spend a couple of hours stripping all the road-bike stuff off, i'm suprised just how much this stuff weighs, it must be a german thing, total over-engineering, same as when we built the mz racer, where the jap's would use abs plastic the germans use aluminium castings, for all that though, the bike comes apart with the minimum of fuss, the aftermarket crashbar's prove a fight and i make the discovery that the fairing isn't a factory part, but a home-brewed affair by one of the previous 15 owners, it's actually the top half of a k series 'brick' engine glassed to the bottom half of an rt boxer fairing, very well done by a serial fiddler and i can vouch that it actually works having ridden the bike in the rain, [unlike ben, who's bike is made of sugar], time has taken it's toll on the machine as i get down to the nitty-gritty, the battery carrier and swinging arm have taken the brunt of the weather and leaking battery in the past, nothing a good blasting and powdercoating can't sort though and i've seen worse, [particularly on my ex-metropolitan police/despatch rider beemer], good point's? the 650 has a couple of nice alloy yokes rather than the flimsy stamped steel plate of the bigger twin's and the fork leg's are perfect due to the protection offered by the unfashionable rubber gaitor's, the fork legs need some 'massaging', the reflector castings are hideous and the yoke's will look good when they've had a bit of work.............


  1. Tim wots your email address?
    I've got a few choice euro BM' racer snaps to send you