another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Monday, 26 September 2011

sunday see's dangerous and me heading off early door's to the final round of the british historic racing club meeting at cadwell park in lincolnshire, it's raining heavily as we set off but by the time we get to newark the sky is starting to clear and the sun breaks through, it's around ninety miles to cadwell from belper and we resist the urge to pull over for a brew and pull into the 'park around eleven-in-the-am, it's really busy, busier than i thought for a classic bike meeting, we get a tea and wander down to old hall bends to watch some action, all the races are four-lapper's and it's seriously fast racing, sidecar's, morgan's, scooter's, ridgid framed vintage bikes, ducati singles, i bump in to ron maul the bmw racer, he's won the over 50 class and over 500cc championship, all on a deceptively fast home-brewed r750 based special, great day out and to top it off i picked up a fairing for the project off ken inwood, ken's a legend, i can't remember a time when he hasn't been in the paddock at race meeting's all around the country, changing tyres, selling two-stroke oil and all the other sundries that a club racer need's in a weekend, got an avon half fairing, screen and front 'guard, that's it then, game on.........


  1. I read with interest your comment about our bikes being made of sugar. I would like to make the following point. When you actually ride a decent bike, you'll realize why we ride them home in the bad weather. If I rode snotters like all your crowd, of course I'd go bog-snorkelling on them. Looking at your lovely photos brings to mind those oft used words. Classic. Vintage. And Albert fuckin Looms. Take all that scrap wanky old soggy John Mardy Arse didnt win fuck all except beating some no-mark ago-couldnt catch rossi-stini on his lonely old kids track moon eyes Cooper two stroke this Velocette that and junk the lot in a fuckin canal.Or melt it all down and build a 120r Screamin Eagle motor. Piss toss fart wank. The combustion cycle of ye olde toss-bikes. Now then Tim Bailey, dont give me any shit about daytime mot, ride to the Ace Cafe with me Thursday evening. Set off time 5pm. On a lighter note, I love the pic of you with your dog attached to your penis. I have it on my phone for when you ring me. Oh, you forgot my birthday you bastard.
    Best regards
    Ben, now 40 years old.

  2. Think it's time to increase the medication Ben!