another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 18 September 2011

 sunday, stu turn's up on the sv650, dangerous is fashionably late to pick up the beemer i'm on the sporty, we make the short journey to mfn for 'the last chance' custom show, it's already spotting with rain as we arrive, we soon catch up with barse and gordy, quick look around the show, bump into marshy, deb's and 'the world's most handsome man', ben jones, we stand in awe looking at ben's racefit fabbed titanium pipes for ages, ok, about two second's before we drift off to look at my bmw, proper bike that, guy martin and fred dibnah would love it, stu get's a brew in, we decide to head to darley moor to check out the racing, it start's to rain, heavily, we get to belper and ben, steve, debbie and one of steve's mates turn left back toward's derby, i guess their bikes must be made of sugar, we carry on toward's ashbourne, barse and me trading places, i keep overtaking him and letting him catch me up, loving the bark from the shovel's pipes, water rooster-tailing off his back tyre, we are grinning at each other as we have done thousand's of time's in the past, stop at the light's in ashbourne and i look over at barse, his shovel and my sporty are steaming as the water evaporates on the hot engines, we park up, grab a brew and head to the race paddock, it's a dissapointing turn out of classic bikes, i count twenty-four, even the modern stuff is poorly represented, a sign of the times perhaps?, barse and gordy take the more direct route home down the a52, we lose stu soon after, me and dangerous head out to brassington and the via-gellia, we don't get a good run, despite the light rain, the roads are busy, fuel stop at wirksworth and fifteen minutes later we are sitting in the shed quaffing a cold cobra, been a good day today, good to catch up with some old friends, a proper autumn day, sunshine and showers, not too hot, not too cold, 'the older i get, the faster i was...'

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