another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 2 September 2011

so, week to the day, i'm the owner of another bmw boxer, this one was a third of the price that the tosser tried to charge me for my old bike that he'd neglected for the past twelve year's, i did my homework, i'd never considered an r65, barse had one back in the day, 45 bhp, but what planted a seed in my head was the fact that it had a considerable shorter wheelbase than my old r80, the motor is narrower, so shouldn't be any ground clearance problems and the final straw was a phone call to jim cray the bmw race tuner, he confirmed my research, we can build a 750cc oversquare engine, 40mm delorto pumper's and putting out around 80bhp at the back wheel, i start to get excited, e-mither to the eligibility officer at the crmc, gordon russell confirms i can go ahead with the build, my class will be post-classic 750cc, right, let's try and find one, there's three for sale, one is a total resto job up for £4000, the other two are honest, needing work, bike's, i'm delighted to find my donor 8 miles up the road at alfreton, i test ride it wedneday night, 35 mile run, taxed until november, mot until may next year, dealer serviced in june, the bike has had one careful owner, [and fifteen people who really couldn't give a fuck] i knock him down £200 quid, he accept's , we shake, deal done, good point's?, low mileage, [62,000 miles], two brand new tyres, starts, stop's, [even though the brake hoses are more spongy than spongebob squarepant's], bad point's?, 16 previous owners!, carb's need sorting, the fairing wobbles about and there isn't a panel on it that isn't shagged, i called round for dangerous on stu's sv650, it's the on;y bike in our lot that has a pillion seat, short blast up to alfreton to pick the beemer up, i can hear dangerous snorting his derision as i try to start the bike, fuck me, i forgot how heavy these bloody thing's are, fill up with petrol and out into the peak, i forgot how these boxer engines thrive on rev's, i'm caning it like a two-stroke, ten minutes later and we are road racing, i promised myself i wouldn't do this again after last year but, well, there's just something about the beemer's that suit's my, [non], style, 50 miles later we are back at the shed, dangerous is amazed at how the beemer performed against the sv, i start the bike to ride it into the shed, turn on the single fuel tap and it dumps unleaded all over my right boot, 'it's ok youth, they all do that...........'


  1. Chuffed for u mate. Things go wrong for a reason and you are going to have so much fun with that one!

  2. this is great news my r65 is still my fav bike and on the twistys people have trouble keeping up,no need for brakes just gears and trottle enjoy it ,and i might buy some spares of ya,,