another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 16 September 2011

ey up, i'm back, my computer has been hacked in a right royal stylee, had to re-boot it using packard bell tech service, so, i've lost all my photo's, my favourite websites, and my most precious, my i-tunes library, hundred's of hours lost, converting vinyl to mp3 format, cataloguing my vast music collection that run's from the late 1930's to present day, i'm totally anal regarding my music collection, i have to log all the tracks, [including brackets, remixes, dates, artwork etc, etc, ], all gone into the ether, yeah, i can do it all again, i've got all the records, tapes, cd's as backup, but, well you know how convenient it is to have it on your computer, as soon as i plug my i-pod in it's going to wipe it and i'm going to have to start again from scratch, i try to live my life so i don't effect anyone else, i hate rudeness, lack of respect and intolerance, i'm not religious but i suppose i try and follow the buddhist way of life, but hey, i'm only human, [i still hate burglars, animal abuser's, forest fan's and harley owner's, bullies, coconut in chocolate, honda race replicas, tyre warmers, rim tape, matlock bath and safety partnership camera van's, biscuit's that drop in your tea when you dunk them, cold weather, dark night's, the cob van running out of thick, crusty bread and having to settle for a 'roll', cheap brown sauce, [note to american reader's, just leave our h.p. sauce alone, we like it as it is and who are you to tell us about salt content?], getting up for a shift on a monday morning, x-factor, paying tax on second-hand part's and piss-weak tea] but, what i really hate is some twenty something computer hacker sitting in his bedroom tossing-off as he wreak's havoc, laughing like beavis and butt-head as his victim's suffer 'the blue-screen of death', i really wish that when you hack a computer and cause so much shit a phantasm type 'silver-ball' would be generated and burst through your screen, hook into your brain and drill out all the mashing's, angus scrimm rules, [oh yeah, you really aren't that clever, couple of e-mither's and i've got your ip address bastard.....]

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  1. Try manually syncing your ipod, (i think), instead of letting itunes autosyncing with it.