another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 3 September 2011

cloudy, but warm, threat of rain as me and dangerous set off to mallory park for the british historic racing, we pull into the carpark 60 miles later, it's not exactly a hive of activity, it wouldn't be, we are a day too early, should have checked rather than relying on the 'old bike mart' wallchart stuck on the wall above the lathe, there's a trackday on so we decide to check that out, the red flag goes out and some poor soul passes us in the ambulance heading to the leicester royal infirmary, back to the cafe then for a brew and a toasted cheese and onion butty, we sit outside in the milky sunshine, replete, we head down for a nosy around the paddock, bloody hell, some of these boy's have got more tackle than the average british superbike racers, genny's, motorhome, tyre warmers, snap-on tool chests and laptops everywhere downloading data, racks of spare tyres in different compounds, serious stuff, not my scene though and i wonder what mike hailwood, perhaps the greatest racer ever would have thought about it, i stop to have a look at the bronze statue at the entrance gate to the 'park and i can see that mike 'the bike' thinks the same as me......... we leave before a wheel is turned in anger, down the a5 to lutterworth and across to market harborough, we get a good run along the b644 to uppingham and call in at our usual sopping point, the harley/ducati dealership, another brew and we are trying not to laugh as a punter is getting a valuation on his triumph streetriple, an immaculate 2009 bike and his daughter's similar honda hornet type thing, he want's to trade them both plus cash for a year old harley, [why?], the salesman look's him square in the eye and offer's him three and a half grand for both machines, the bloke look's like he's just been kicked in the bollock's, i would have just head-butted him if he had insulted me like that but the bloke thank's him, shakes his hand and say's he will have to think about it, i bet he goes back tomorrow and fall's for it, meanwhile, i'm happy riding my new acquisition, my thirty year old beemer, yeah it rattles, yeah it's tatty and yeah i've realised you don't need to spend big money to have a good time on a motorcycle.

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  1. Hi. Just thought I'd mention, though you're probably aware, that there's a pic & nice comment about your MZ in the latest Real Classic. Also a chance to thank you for the blog which is always entertaining. Your tale of the unnamed staffie was heartbreaking. Regards. Tony.