another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 26 August 2011

well, there you go, the day after i sold my mz racer i got a text off the bloke i sold my bmw cafe racer to asking me if i wanted to buy it back, what's all that about?, twelve long year's gone, all of a sudden my mind turns to converting it to a racer to race in the crmc series, i dropped a couple of e-mither's off regarding eligibility and was pleasantly suprised to find out that i could race in the post classic class with the bike, yes, i was interested, i texted the bloke, he didn't reply, when i sold the bike i received a letter off him wanting all the details about the bike, i sent him chapter and verse about the bike plus loads of photocopies of stuff i had picked up over the years, didn't get a reply, not even a text to say thank you, oh well, that's just how some people roll i suppose, i send him an e-mither and a couple of text's regarding buying the bike, nothing, i forget about it, then, out of the blue an e-mail tuesday, he's back in the uk this weekend, [he lives in france], he promises to send me some photo's of the bike in it's current 'state', nothing, i receive another 'mail, he's on his way and 'forgotten' the log book and documents, he turn's up tonight at 2000hrs, it's getting dark as we unload the bike from his van, i wheel it across the road into the light of my shed, my heart sinks, the tank has a hole the size of someones fist in the rear edge, the right-hand clip-on is snapped off and hanging by the brake lines/throttle cable, the front brakes are inoperative, the battery dead, the front tyre flat and squelching off the rim, the pipes red rust, the whole bike has the air of barn-find negligence, on closer inspection the fork seals are shagged, the stanchions pitted and beyond use, i turn on the fuel-taps and i'm greeted with the steady stream of old octane free petrol leaking out onto the floor, the mettise seat unit is loose on it's mounting's the seat cover ripped open to expose the padding underneath, he think's the sale is in the bag, he wants £2750 cash, i try to explain that this isn't the bike i sold to him all those years ago for a thousand pound's less than what he's asking me, [the bike i sold was immaculate, mot'd and taxed, ready to ride], he's adamant that he won't budge on his inflated valuation, i really try to be polite and tell him he's deluded, 'i can get three grand all day long on e-bay mate', i'm gutted, he's left my bike in a fucking barn in france to rot and then tried to work it back into me for old times sake, i'm biting my tongue, still trying to be polite, 'will you take a bid on it?' a quick estimate and i reckon around another grand on top just to get it roadworthy, 'listen, like i said, i can get three grand all day long on e-bay, you've wasted my time driving here, i'm not taking a bid, do you fucking want it or not!' i help him load it back into his van and give him directions back toward's the motorway, the final straw is when he demand's fifty quid for diesel..........'to draw philosophical guidance from the code of bushido, we must refine our mind to the point where we can embrace the mentality of non-violence and never let ourselves be drawn into the adrenal rush that is associated with any form of physical domination or competition. the spiritual warrior walks away from confrontation before embracing it. his honour is based in the understanding that physical confrontation is never a neccessity, only a choice'

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  1. Tim hs is a wanker and the world is full of them,whats meant for you won,t pass you by.keep your powder dry and the right bike will come is that enough cliches ???